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The longing for normality has been in the minds of many since the start of lockdowns and restrictions. The tensions linked to the pandemic have not only affected our lifestyles but have also caused great economic uncertainty in our societies for the foreseeable future.

The idea of Herd Immunity ending the pandemic or significantly reducing new transmissions has been waning, as more and more scientists deem SARS-CoV-2 to be an endemic infection. The shift reflects the sheer complexity and the global scale of the pandemic. Establishing herd immunity requires mass immunisation coordinated globally and efficiently. …

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The late 1960s ushered in an era when computers started supporting decision making. The term analytics started gaining popularity and has evolved over the years. The last two decades, however, have seen exponential growth in data aggregation and data utilisation. Availability of data-cloud systems and data-crunching platforms have been pivotal in constructing new business ecosystems giving rise to new industries.

Applications of machine learning have matured over the years to a point where its sub-fields are powering technologies that heavily embed our daily lives like - image recognition, search, etc. …

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Since their discovery, plastics have been the main form of packaging for a myriad of products. From plastic foils to storing fresh fruit for a lunchtime snack, plastics have been crucial for packaging and storing everyday products.

One everyday product is soap. The history of soap stretches back to ancient Babylonians, who first mastered the art of soap making. Much of human history revolved around some form of cleaning substance. However, only after the 1980s, the trend shifted towards liquid soaps. Since their first mass production, plastic packaging has been the main form of containing liquid soaps. …

The internet in the past two decades has become the change driver that is powering not just the search results for an average user but also growth opportunities for businesses. With thousands of search queries occurring a second, google trends provide access to datasets on a myriad of different topics and search terms. The search-terms popularity coincides with real-time consumer reaction to world events. Since the start of the pandemic, the search terms have been receptive to the pandemic-related restrictions, creating an opportunity where one can mine the search data to understand the various aspects of their industry.

Marshall Petros

I'm passionate about Medical sciences, Environment & Information technology. Joint BSc Hons in Immunology & Microbiology & MSc in Business Analysis & Consulting

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